1. Great video & explanation. One caveat… WARNING I set up my © info and did not realize that the template I had set up also contained keywords. Make sure the keyword section is blank before applying to half your catalog!!

  2. Hey! Love the stuff. Especially the little recap at the end. Alright so when you say thousands of photos do you mean on your external hard drive or are these photos being used by the computers memory? What are the pros and cons, if an, are there with these two situations? I like working with an external. So once I put all my photos into lightroom I'll export them my external. So i don't have a thousand photo scenario like you. Does that make sense? Maybe im over thinking it.

  3. PHLEARN are The BEST on WEB! I learn so much from you!
    Can you please make a video about optimizing file image size for online shops? For some reason, after I use Lightroom and then Photoshop, if I export for web the file has 10Kb but after I verify the properties of the image I see 50% to 100% more. Like 15 or 20Kb. So why is that?

  4. HI nate, you r my guru
    i had a case with metadata.

    i want to make a 3d map using photogrammetry technique, and its requiring a lot of pic/angle from a different prespective.
    i had only one camera with geotag capable, and the other camera dont. i dont have extra cash to burn on another geotag camera which is not cheap.

    sooo… i took lot of pic at the same time on both on time lapse mode, with this i'm adding another angle with the same point of places to make my 3d map looks great, as i have many reference point.

    My goal is to make 5 different angle with 1 geotag camera and the other 4 dont.


    i mean by copying a coordinate metadata from geotagged image to others, by using time based reference,
    example : photo that are taken on 16:50:21 time, will be sync their coordinate metadata on a photo that have taken the same time.

    can i do that in lightroom?

    best regards

  5. I do not recommend importing with the "auto preset" feature. If you have to re-import an image to check someones work or to make a change it will wipe any previous work done to the meta-data.

  6. Hi,
    nice video! thank you very much!
    Can you please suggest an easy way to add different boxes to the presets. Need some specific customized metadata fo rsoem geological sample images I have in a catalog.

    Thanks a lot

  7. Great video! Quick question, which preset selection to recommend for metadata settings? Example; Default, DNG, EXIF & IPTC, All Plug In Metadata? There are more choices in Lightroom CC but not sure which is best. Currently, I'm importing RAW and converting to DNG. For now, I've selected Default but wanted to see if you have any tips on this. TIA, Kendall

  8. Unfortunately it doesn't seem that metadata really works at all, I found a photo of yours "Visions of the Future", googled it, viewed image, saved it and then tried metapicz. It gave me all the exif data but no copyright information. The photo source was 500px, which is why I used the image search to work around the copyright protections that website uses. I've also gone through maybe 30 images from popular photographers that I know use metadata for copyright and I couldn't find even one instance of copyright metadata still attached. I'm a little shocked that this is the case.

  9. One question:- There are applications or even photo properties (on Windows : Right Click -> Properties -> Details) which can edit meta data…. is there a way to make these fields READ Only??… I don't see the point of putting Copyright if someone can easily change/remove these details….

  10. Really good video, but one part is misleading. It implies that you need to "export" a photo in order to make sure the metadata has been written (which some could mistake as meaning that the export causes the data to be written to the file). The data is written to the file at the time you edit it in Lightroom. You don't need to export, you can simply go to the original file (in Lightroom on a Windows machine, right click on image and select "Show in Explorer") and drag that file into MetaPicz. Although you can also just check the file's Properties (as you did at the beginning of your video).


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