Anders Osborne Trio "Cortez The Killer" Live @ Bear Creek Music Festival 11-11-2011


Anders Osborne Trio “Cortez The Killer” featuring Billy Iuso, Carl Dufrene and Eric Bolivar, Live @ Bear Creek Music Festival, Amphitheater Stage, Live Oak, …



  1. Dude are you serious? Carl Dufrene a roady sitting in? This guy has played the world bro! Great bass and as nice a guy as you will ever meet. If you ever meet him and talk music, you'll feel like you just made a new best friend. He's a rare musician!

  2. Who ever thinks the guy on bass is a roadie, sitting in, doesn't know who the bass player is. That's Carl Dufrene, from Golden Meadow La. Johnny and Edgar Winters premier bass for years in Cali. He's freakin top shelf!

  3. Personally I like the Grace potter version playing with Joe Satriani ,Steve Kimock, Reed Mathis , Willy Waldman and Steve Perkins , Warren & Dave wails it with the best to . Also seen Bob Margolin warm up his guitar on this tune in a bar Southside Chi-Town was sounding awesome Bob Played with Muddy Waters . If you didnt no who he was .

  4. Pretty good version of this classic Neil Young song. Warren Haynes does a good version as well!. But the premise of the songs story is a total denial of facts and history! Cortez and the Spanish were not great guys but the Aztecs were brutal. There are some easy read books that can be read. Aztec is one of them. Death and misery if you were of an opposing sect in Central America.

  5. Absolutely "Killer" version of this song! Maybe the best I've heard to date! Blows "Neil Young's" version in the water but you have to give Neil credit for writing this "Classic Rock" song and his
    performance is pretty damn strong on it!


  6. great lovely why doesnt everyone heard of him i feel so fortunate to find him he sooth my twisted hurricane soul so rock blue jazz carry on me eman anders…eman a freudian slip…carry on soul man….i wanna see him live ill go with u guys {:


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