Haunted Places in Connecticut


From Bridgeport to New Haven, Stamford to Hartford, Waterbury to Norwalk, the Constitution State has tales of disturbing and creepy hauntings around every …



  1. Manchester Ct is very haunted. Used to live there in the 90s and the house i lived in was built in 1902. As a child i was tormented by whatever is living there. Went back and took a pic back in like 2015. After reviewing the photo i seen a spirit staring at me though my old bed room window. You could make out his head and shoulder clearly. Still gives me the creeps.

  2. Nice! But I expected the Pettibone Tavern as one of them, which was a Chart House Restaurant, now know as Abigail's as that is the main apparition haunting the establishment.

  3. Once I was in the car with my aunt and cousin and we were driving by Norwich state hospital and my 7 year old cousin who knows nothing about ghosts or spirits says out of nowhere, "Once I saw someone see through push over one of the hospital bed and it was kinda scary…" And I sat there in shock. That's why I looked for this video. Now I'm convinced this is a real haunted place where I live.

  4. I knew Fairfield Hills was haunted. I worked at the power plant. Also did 3 weeks in the laundry department waiting 4 the power plant position 2 open. Laundry was delivered to all buildings through super spooky tunnels. Also the plant, I always though something was up down there. Also going under the boiler room 4 the regular inspection was, once again super fucking spooky. I did love working there it is very pretty all year round. 1 more thing ,on more than 5 occasion I called the guy in the turbine room to come an listen to strange loud pipe banging that was not contrary to the boilers Ambien hum.

  5. Check out Abigail’s Grill in Simsbury. Old Pettibone Tavern dates back to 1780. Abigail Pettibone was axed to death along with her lover when a jealous Mr. Pettibone caught them in the act. She supposedly still walks the halls, creepy noises in the attic and cold spots even near the fireplaces.

  6. i’m from bridgeport and i would drive past the old factory (i think number 7 on the list) everyday on my way to school and back home. it was featured on one of the ghost hunting tv shows a while back.


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