This Bait Is Illegal In My Tournaments


Karl’s Link Sub to MTB The Alabama rig changed the game a few years ago. I have to admit I kinda hated it …



  1. Haha , good stuff Brian , I went today an caught some small mouth an large mouth in that crazy a rig an was first time ever to fish lol. Had lot of fun with dajavu for me to watch you snatching them out haha , hope you do well on FLW 2019

  2. Love your videos and how excited you get and you catching fish and having fun gotta love that! Awesome you and Mark are good friends! I’m from Auburn, AL and he doesn’t live too far from me at all in Tuskegee, AL. Awesome content man!

  3. That's cause B.A.S.S. Likes to take the law into their own hands and say it's for the fishes safety, but you can't use a net and can boat flip a bass into the boat and get all beat up. B.A.S.S makes no sense.

  4. As much fishing as you do, it is great to see you still get excited, laughing, and hollering, when you catch fish. I had to laugh at "how'd he get off when there are 12 hooks there. " Enjoy your videos, keep up the good work.

  5. Have been subscribed and notification bell has been on B. Epic day of A-Rig fishing!!! Would love to come fish with you as a guide someday or if your in the area of North Georgia or Chattanooga. Where can I find out info? Have a good holiday with the family.


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