Professional product photography tutorial on clear bottle and reflective surfaces by Karl Taylor


Professional product photography tutorial on clear bottle and reflective surfaces by Karl Taylor. In this short Karl Taylor photography product photography tutorial, …



  1. Hello Karl. You're work is very inspiring. I have to say that my photography passion is nature, wildlife and deep backcountry photography. However, I have never had a monetary offer for any of my photos. It's very, very difficult for myself at 47 years old to spend 7-13 days alone in the wildernes to capture photos that people will never see from the road. But I will continue to do it as log as possible. But a strange thing happened 4 days ago when a local small Business owner who follows my instagram page asked me to shoot her products for brochures and flyers. Now with the combination of watching you work, and being honored with this opportunity, on an extremely small budget, I have purchased a set of lower end soft boxes, a boom softbox, an umbrella stand with 3 types of umbrellas, a 3rd flash with a trigger, a basic barn door lamp with colored inserts, a couple of backdrops and a Tether Tools setup to run to my desktop. Sorry for the novel but I really like the lamps that I see you use, while you refer to them as pico lamps. I haven't been able to find them and probably couldn't aqcuire one anyways. Where do I find some of this very specialized equipment that you use, and is there a used market that I might be able to tap into to aqcuire some more equipment. Lastly, in your opinion, do I have what I need for equipment to get started at a basic level? Thank you Karl for what you do. You're time and resources spent to help others. I know this video is old, but I hope this finds you.

  2. The one thing I did not fully get: after 3:10 you mention a special hard stuff you seem to be using instead of just using real condensation drops. Is that to give you more time and a less wet bottom compared to working with original condensation drops – which would turn into "tears" rather quickly and give you a puddle at the bottom. Or is there some other reaseon?

  3. Very useful tutorial. Thank you, Karl! Great setup, I adore how you have a full range of highlights and shadows with a very soft gradient between them; the highlights not being harsh at all, very organic. Great!

  4. Hello Sir Karl, i love your videos, you are a great man to teach everyone here, thanks for all teachings, i have a question about the sheet high glossy metal, how i find this product?

    So many thanks for your professionalism

    Best wiches,
    Miguel Martins

  5. Is Karl's accent particular to a particular area in or around the U.K.? I lived in London for about half a year, and during that time I travelled all around England, Scotland & Wales and while in London worked in an office with people from Wales, Birmingham, around London and more and I can't recall hearing anyone that spoke quite like he does.

  6. I guess I'm a purist when it comes to any visual effect.

    I applaud you Karl on the "secret mixture" you created to aid the consumer experience indicating a chilled or cold sweating on the bottles. My thinking is to just chill the bottles and allow real moisture for the shot. Is there some downside I'm not getting?

  7. Thank you very much, Karl. I am very impressed how easy and clear you explain in all your tutorials. You are motivating people to try your hints. I admire your work and your passion to photography. Great!

  8. I really enjoy the product shots, your added information at the end is most useful, your as great a teacher as you are a photographer, thanks for all your effort in putting together these vlogs.

  9. 1) Perspex is frosted on both sides I suppose. Is it methyl polymethacrylate (plexi) or polycarbonate?
    2) This piece of shining chrome plated metal sheet remind my drying glossy barite prints. Squeezing water and airbulbs with a rubber roller. A nightmare when you were expected to promptly process 2000 army oath commemorative postcards. 😀

  10. Hi Karl and karl's followers.
    I'm not sure if my screen is old and without resolution enough but I see some bands on Bacardi label (to the right side) and it makes me think about the glue used to paste the label to the glass. Are those bands glue marks? I'm sorry if my English has not too much sense.


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