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When the Rust Bucket runs out of gas on a foggy East Coast road, Ben, Gwen and Max are forced to stay at a hotel being menaced by Creepy Carl, a local …



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  3. Cartoon Network….. Your such a disgrace to us fans, I mean seriously all I see is teen titans go, this disgusting show, and the power puff girls. Why are you even allowing reboots? Don't you know this hurts our fanbase? And by the way new owner of Cartoon Network. Disney and Nickelodeon is doing much better than you. DISGUSTING.

  4. Alright more and more I feel like it's the network that inhibits the action in this show, news flash people if you want a successful toy line you must have good toys(accomplished) and action sequences that can encourage role play in a safe fashion(seriously not accomplished until Omni-Tricked)

  5. Look Cartoon Network we all know that what ever this show is (because its not Ben 10) it's making WAY less than the actual Ben 10 Ben 10 made Billon's of dollars this bareley makes any money and we all know that's the whole reason you rebooted it that is sad Cartoon Network has taken the face of the network (Ben 10) and turned it Into trash and what I think is even worst is the fact that Cartoon Network has stopped being a network for entertainment but just for money. That is why good shows like Steven Universe and Ninjago are still on air heck Ninjago got it's own movie. are still on its because you like the popularity their getting (keep in mind SU and Ninjago are not the only good shows on Cartoon Network pretty much every show but Teen Titans Go and Power Puff girls and Ben 10). This is sad and Cristina miller is ruining the network FIRE HER! And then make a last episode for all these reboots to an end and bring back the originals pretty much all of them left us with a cliff hanger and I know teen Titans go is "the face of the network" But so was Ben 10 and I ask you this what would be a better face the one that made billions and won tons of awards and pleased the fans (Ben 10.) Or the one that is clearly a cash grab never made one single awards (besides your own) and might have not even made the Millon's mark yet (Teen Titans Go). Please Cartoon Network Fire Christina Miller and end the reboots and bring this channel back to what is use to be.

  6. Also, that thumbnail lied to me. I wanted the ghost guy (who is either dead or…. what happened?) And Upgrade and his stupid "upgrade anything that isn't mechanical" powers.


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