13. Sights Around the Bay ⁄ December Daily


______ THINGS- Purple puffer- https://go.magik.ly/ml/iznk/ Jeans- thrifted Running shoes- https://rstyle.me/~aGSW0 Multicolored sweater- …



  1. Your grandma is the cutest person alive. Your vlogs are amazing, thanks for sharing this with us on youtube. You are so inspiring. Thanks Annabelle ! I'm sending all my loving to you, Mimi <3

  2. watching as i unpack in a new strange place <3 your vlogs remind me of a comfortable and familiar place. thank you for the time, effort, and love you always put into your videos.

  3. Ahhhh every time I remember that you live in the bay I get so happy. Seeing our home through your eyes is really wonderful, it takes the beautiful moments that already exist and makes them everlasting—the embarcadero at twilight, stinson being amazing, the view from treasure Island… I go back to Montreal for school on Saturday, I'm sure this video will be what I come back to to be reminded of home. Thank you for sharing <3 Happy New Year Annabelle!!

  4. happy new year, annabelle! thank you for sharing such beautiful footage of the coastline. it is my absolute favorite. the san diego/southern california coastline is great and all, but my heart bursts at the central coast – monterey and up to san fran, and farther too, im sure, i just haven't been yet. it is breathtaking and i loved seeing it through your eyes for a bit.

  5. omg I feel like such a grandma for saying it like this but William has grown in a handsome big man 😀 AND OH MY GOD YOUR SISTERS MARIMEKKO COAT IS LIFE <3 <3 <3

  6. Hey Annabelle! I love your videos so much! Could you please please please make a video one day with the recipes of the foods you do in your vlogs? It always looks so yummi but here in brazil we don't do this types of food and I wish I could! If you read this, thank you very much! Love from brazil! <3

  7. Happy new year to you Annabelle and all of you reading this! Nothing's new so far and not that i'm expecting anything, cus i'm still here in my dorm facing finals and thesis presentation. Spent my new year on my bed with my roommate which is the BIRTHDAY GIRLLLLL. She's born on 1st Jan! What a miracle date!! Currently am alone swimming in procrastination (ugh). I have sat for my first paper few days ago and just had a major presentation 2 days back for a subject that doesn't have a final paper (the class i dislike the most lol). 2 down, 2 more to go! Last paper on 5th and my crucial thesis presentation on 7th. All the best to me and you lots with whatever you're facing! xoxo

  8. happy new year! thank you for showing us God's beautiful creation and warming up my heart. thank you for making my 2018 so much more insightful and showing me a better way of thinking. thank you for doing december daily and giving me something to look forward to in such a busy time. i hope 2019 treats all of us well and we all continue to grow!!

  9. This video was beautiful. Especially that beach part, the sea sounds paired with the soft music; your family, the sun making the water come alive… it was so beautiful. It looks like a memory you keep in your heart and watch over dearly. You made me realise how much I miss the ocean, and how much I love my family.

    It was a lovely way to start 2019. I hope this year is good to you! I'm sending you my best energies ♡

  10. The end made me cry so hard. It’s January first and I started the year off absolutely terribly but you’ve helped give me hope that things will be okay. Life can be beautiful you just have to look. This is cheesy af but I’m in my feels rn

  11. your mother, aunt, and grandma are so lovely! theres such a warm feeling when i see them talking amongst each other haha. thank you again for a beautiful vlog anabelle, and i wish the absolute best for you this upcoming year. happy new year! lots of love ❤❤

  12. Happy new year ! Hope it brings you all success, happiness, love and more fun memories !! Make this one better than 2018 and don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of your dreams whether they are big or small!!! LETS DO THIS!!

  13. It’s very fun to see William because I remember seeing him sometimes in your vlogs from your first year at risd. I’ve followed you since your first year I think or the end of your first year and it’s so lovely seeing you grow into this wonderful person.

  14. ily anabelle i visited san francisco last saturday and your video made me miss it again. your videos calm me down a lot and im thankful for u !! < 3 love from fremont and the philippines


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