November Book Haul


Buying books based off booktube recommendations. New novellas, memoirs and intriguing sounding novels to read over winter. Click ‘Show More’ for info.



  1. I feel like shame is such an inhibitor that doesn't discriminate between the different situations you're in that make you feel you have to tell a fib, even when it leads to setbacks for yourself. But the other side of the coin/fib is that you live by certain values and virtues. And living by them is what makes you value yourself and others, in turn enabling you to live through the tough experiences from which you can grow exponentially. You choose/chose to keep your heart in a good place. And you saw/see that being human is always coloured in gradience.
    I'm currently going through something tough myself… your story helps with putting things in perspective.
    Thanks for sharing it, Eric.

  2. The Planeta prize is the biggest book prize here in Spain! Is weird though that I had never heard of the book before, but I probably wasn't all that interested in adult books by 2015 haha. Can't wait to hear what you think of it though, I really want to read more Spanish literature!

  3. That’s a pretty big statement, “the last book haul of the year” Eric, I could only be sure of that on December 31st! 😉 I don’t love all haul videos but I do love yours and this was one was a corker. I’ve already read and loved Freshwater, although the British cover is appalling, and have now added not one, not two but ALL of the rest onto my TBR as they sound so good. Yup, booktube/EKA made me do it.😊

  4. Ok, firstly, how early is early? Secondly, I don't believe in the last book haul of the year, let's admit it, test of them will be shifted to January and disguised as early Christmas presents. Thirdly, I need to stop buying books too, hahaha.

  5. Hi Eric, thanks for mentioning the Arab of the Future 3, as I was not even aware there was a 2!! I am most intrigued by the Saunders novella though aparently it does not seem to be new…

  6. Oh I love many of these suggestions! Book prize season almost over and ready to start afresh (plus the husband and I start ordering Xmas books for ourselves in Nov., not to be opened til Xmas eve….weird how I forget what I ordered for myself but am happily pleased when opening!)🙋‍♀️💕👍📚

  7. Very interested in Sattouff, Saunders and Emeki. I have just finished reading Matthias Enard 's Compass. It's awe-inspiring and I have already ordered this book from Amazon… Love your videos.

  8. Fox 8 isn't new. I bought "Fox 8: A Story [SINGLE] [Kindle Edition] " in 2014 for 99p. Now they are republishing it as a novella. Cheeky. I read Street of Thieves by Matias Enard last month and loved it. His prose is of the highest standard and the story was engrossing. Looking forward to reading more of him.

  9. Book hauls are my favourite videos. Have you read A Keeper by Graham Norton? I'm listening to it on audio and it's great. My friend Kathleen met her husband Wilson ( from Brazil) in London 20 + yrs ago. He was learning English. She was doing Spanish as part of her degree. They spoke Spanish to each other for about a year. She now can speak some Portuguese but Wilson learned English with an Irish accent.

  10. I hope you like Flames. It's one of my top 3 for this year. I have stopped buying books and I have made a decision to only read library and found books in 2019 while I finish my PhD. Should be interesting.

  11. Mostyn Thomas and the Big Rave sounds super interesting! Please post a review soon. The premise is so unique. I preordered Fox 8 a while ago (it's not released in Canada yet) and I'm really excited for it!

  12. Given that I’m on a Welsh lit kick, and like novels set on farms period, the one about the Welsh farmer is of particular interest!

    And now that you’ve described the plot of the Iwaki Kei novella, that clinches it: i’m definitely going to include it in Novellas in November. It reminds me a bit of two of my best friends here in Tokyo, a Greek woman and a Japanese guy. They met at a Turkish language school in Turkey years ago, fell in love, and despite speaking two other languages in common (English and Japanese) they have chosen to communicate solely in Turkish ever since.

    Dying to hear your take on Freshwater – one of my top reads this year! Happy reading!

  13. I don’t really notice the repetitive part when it comes to book recommendations. I notice and love more when someone talks about books in a passionate way. The fox 8 look interesting


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