Egypt’s Stolen Billions – BBC Arabic


A joint BBC Arabic and BBC Newsnight six-month documentary investigation identifying Egyptian assets in the UK linked to former President Hosni Mubarak, his …



  1. These corrupt people in the middle eastern countries, are the blood suckers and these are the group's which destroying nations, what we have in Iran too, the Islamic regime in Iran is the most corrupt regime in our time.

  2. i see alot offensive comments like person or actually i should say thing that said that there is no criminal judge and he also doesnt speak english or idk some bs alobg those terms I want to say to them r u this stupid or r u demented. Egypt is an Arabic speaking counrty why th fu%^ would he need to speak english or anyother language. Stop being ignorant and get ur facts right.

  3. Egypt is Responsible for sending the Requests to the UK to have the Assets Frozen and then returned to Egypt. The British Government is not going to Use its Resources to See Who on the Freeze list of another Country has Assets in the UK without said Country Requesting it be done. No Country will Spend Resources on behalf of another Country without a Request being made.

    The BBC Reporter Interviewing the Foreign Office Official was being a complete Asshole. He also asked some of His Questions in Arabic and some in English wtf was that about?

  4. seriously, the brits r in NO WAY OBLIGED to spend its resources and manpower to sort out e corruption problem of egypt or any other country for e matter. They shd b grateful to any help offered

  5. Uk is only trying to steal money they hate arabs we all knew that.. they selfish people so Egypt shouldn't let any one in country from UK or arrest everyone from UK in Egypt making their fines high enough to get back all your money.. then your even with UK


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