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CA First Responders Fight ‘Frequent Flier’ Abuse Of Emergency ServicesFirst responders in California are trying to tackle a crisis that impacts emergency crews across the country: “Frequent fliers” who tie up the system by calling 911 hundreds of times a year. Susie Steimle reports. (12-30-2018)

New CA Laws To Be Aware Of In 2019There will be many new laws taking effect on January 1, 2019. Joe Vasquez reports on some of the biggest changes we should be aware of. (12-30-2018)

Vicious Knife Attack Led to New Life and Mission for Young San Francisco WomanIn 1962, KPIX news captured a very different reality for 22-year-old April Aaron, who was horribly injured in a brutal attack. In a recent interview with April, she said, “I believe that I was spared and that I was healed so that I could live my life out and be able to do what I’ve been able to do in my life.” Elizabeth Cook reports. (12-30-2018)

To Prep For 2019, KPIX 5 Asks ‘What’s Your Good News?’In preparation for the New Year, Da Lin went to San Francisco’s Ghirardelli Square and asked people, “What’s your good news?” (12-30-2018)

Sunday Evening Forecast With Brian HackneyIt’s chilly in the Bay Area and it’ll get windy, too. Wind advisories are posted until Tuesday morning. (12-30-2018)

CA Law To Prevent Juveniles From Being Tried As AdultsCalifornia’s juvenile justice system will look different in 2019. A new law will protect juveniles from prosecution in adult court unless they kill someone. Melissa Caen reports. (12-30-2018)

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