Watch Dogs 2 | Ray Marched Volumetric Fog is Amazing


It is real.



  1. Just Cause 2 had fairly good looking particle fog, They have no excuse to not to have it in gta5 or WD2 with good performance. If they would at least have static fog localized instead of only around player. And then imagine do same with RAIN, so rain could be seen in distance but not around player…am i gonna live long enough to see this….lol

  2. is this fog not working any more?, I cant seem to get it to do that, I've had it turned on for days realtime, and it can be be really foggy, but it never has rolling clouds like that

  3. Holy shit does that look good, can't wait to return to this game in like 2 years when the next generation of cards should be able to handle this maxed out, by then it might look outdated, we'll see 😛


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