San Francisco’s Museum of Ice Cream Celebrates ‘Pinkmas’ for Holiday Season


Pink Christmas trees, pink hot chocolate and Christmas carols rewritten to include the word “pink” as many times as possible: that’s the essence of “Pinkmas” at the Museum of Ice Cream.

“It is our version of the holidays,” said general manager Danica Jacinto. “Everybody’s welcome, no matter what you’re celebrating, where you’re celebrating from.”

During a brief closure after Thanksgiving, workers changed or updated nearly every room in the two-story interactive museum, Jacinto said, and whipped up some new holiday recipes that legend has it derive their pink color from unicorn milk.

The museum gained popularity on social media for its Instagram-friendly art installations lit with perfect portrait lighting. Many of those famous photo spots, including a swimming pool filled with rainbow sprinkles, remain unchanged for holiday visitors.

The Museum of Ice Cream, initially billed as a limited-time pop-up exhibit in 2017, sold out in minutes when it first opened its San Francisco location. After extending its run several times, the museum announced its intent to stay permanently in September, and subsequently announced the San Francisco location’s first-ever “Pinkmas” celebration. There are other Museum of Ice Cream locations in Manhattan, Los Angeles and Miami.

Pinkmas will remain in full effect until early January. Watch the video above to see the one-hour experience condensed down to five minutes!

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