Monster waves predicted for San Francisco beaches, safety officials warn of life threatening situation



A storm headed right for the Bay Area is coming with a dire warning for beach-goers.

Officials say massive waves may be so powerful, you could risk your life by getting too close.

Big waves were crashing near the Pacifica Pier Saturday, and the surf was drawing a crowd of curious tourists from Oroville.

“This is cool, awesome, the waves are big already,” said Amber Hart.

Some neighbors were getting sandbags ready for waves, which may break over the Pacifica seawall.

These waves were not even close to the monster waves officials say are coming to spots like Ocean Beach in the next 24 hours.

“At this point, I’m told waves could be big enough to reach the seawall at Ocean Beach,” said SFFD Lt. Jonathan Baxter.

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“If anyone steps onto the sand, the surf could take them into the ocean,” said Victor Lim from San Francisco’s Dept. of Emergency Management.

The waves could top 40 feet. San Francisco Fire and Safety officials are warning people to stay away from Ocean Beach. The warning was posted at a firehouse on Geary.

The National Weather Service Tweeted a dire warning Saturday: “Stay well back from the ocean or risk certain death.”

Many are heeding the warning.

“It’s like a tsunami, or could be. We better keep ourselves off the beach,” said Joy Andrews.

The High Surf Warning goes double for daredevil surfers.

“There are only a small number of surfers that can surf waves like that at Ocean Beach, not me,” said surfer Tate McFadden.

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