San Francisco Richmond District home burglary caught on tape


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – A brazen home burglary was caught on video in San Francisco’s Richmond District showing the thief rifling through the garage of a family while they slept.

Homeowner Jafon Hakkinen is hoping someone can identify the man who was captured on video stealing from his garage just before 5 a.m. Saturday morning as he and his family were asleep upstairs.

In addition to the drill set you can see the man take off the shelf, right above the camera that is recording the burglary in progress, the man walked away with Hakkinen’s golf clubs and mountain bike.

The homeowner believes the thief was able to gain access to his garage by first stealing his garage door opener out of his car.

A neighbor’s camera shows the man before the crime apparently trying to open car doors.

Hakkinen says after his door was opened, the man came in and calmly took the items one a time and was filmed walking away with the items before coming back for more.

“He was cool as a cucumber, he wasn’t sweating, he didn’t look like he had issues like he was homeless or anything,” Hakkinen said. “He looked like a regular person, but what I think really galls me is the guy after he left, he just left my garage door open wide so anyone else could have come in.”

Police are investigating and Hakkinen is widely sharing the man’s photo on social media.

The thief is already an example of the spike in burglaries reported in the city.

According to the San Francisco Police Department, as of Oct., there were nearly 4,800 of them so far in 2018.

This is up 13-percent from the same time last year.



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